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look and look again...

I recently reworked an older painting.

Generally, a rework comes quickly, there is so much underpainting to create possibility.

It was really kicking my butt, so I stopped and listened to myself.

Try a bold move, take out 1/3 of the painting, shake up the palette and so on.

(my students will find these prompts very familiar : )

It just wasn't I waited, and waited, and looked and looked.

And mostly stopped beating myself up while looking for a quick resolve.

With fresh eyes on the third day of happened.

I made a very bold move with color and the piece started to move forward.

Always allow yourself to respond to the painting.

Change requires hard work, risk, bravery, and LOOKING

"rocky point" 48 x 48

I am looking forward to working with many of you at the upcoming Florida workshops!

I'll be announcing the summer 2020 workshops in the coming months.

Also, please join me at the exciting show at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples Florida in November.

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Oct 23, 2019

Good read thanks


Karole Nicholson
Karole Nicholson
Oct 23, 2019

Would have loved to see the "before", but do love the "after" of rocky point, especially the large section of translucent peachy color. Thanks for the inspiration today!

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