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Spring history feeds summer

Arriving in New England in May is very revealing. The grass and trees are coming back to life.

They reveal sleepy brush, a few nests, and history of cold days of winters past.

It is very similar with painting. an exciting underpainting can reveal opportunities which allow for forward movement in your work. I always tell my students, "no risk, no story!"

So get your paint and marks moving. It removes distractions and makes for a wonderful array of history in the layers beneath, like spring thaw.

Keep your brave in full force and keep pushing through.

The painting will meerge if you allow it ...


Join me in Westerly!


We have a few spaces! A great way to get into abstraction!

I wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day, those with us and those who have come before.

Be well and safe till we meet again...


Theresa 👩🏻‍🦰

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