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A dream is a wish your heart makes...

This has been an interesting week. I'm in RI for some health checks and love being in my studio here. Winter is alive and I have an opportunity to view the trees in pause; a direct contrast to the Florida color.

There is beauty here as well.

I got to visit my brother in his hot dog shirt! John said "life is eating sleeping and waiting."

So i immediately made sure our visit was all about laughing.

As I walked around the Boston hospital, I noticed folks going about their normal days, working, talking. And I saw patients, some looking forlorne, some optomistic. I realized its really more about the moment.

Whats happening right now. Can I be happy in this moment? Can I find something compassionate in this short window that I have? As I sipped my coffee, I tried to be grateful after every sip, knowing that I was so fortunate to have my life as an artist to continue to describe these complex thoughts.


If you have enjoyed dry January let me make a few suggestions:

Anything by Tautila (Spain) or anything by Le Petit Beret (france) Good all year!


Upcoming events:

BIG SHOW Providence Art Club January-February

March 13th Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, FL GALLERY SPRING SHOW!




I thank you for your continued support.

I'm grateful for all that you are and all that you give...


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