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I recently completed summer camp in my studio. 5 long time colleagues with guest coach Bernd Haussmann.We talked a lot about breathing and being present. It was a great review for me as a meditator and some interesting things came through.

What makes my work different? What makes it authentic? The short version of this process is that I became "right" with my style and practice. If I am moving forward, it simply produces a part of me. The more I paint the more I get closer to my distinctive style. There will always be "searching," but no fears, just actual play and experimentation. As my artist statement describes," I'm not looking to reveal or conceal, to clarify or dissolve." It's the simple process of breathing in my personal cathedral to describe a moment, a feeling.


A new piece from the "broken glass series" born from the summer camp experience.

"no strings attached"

36 x 36


A few new discoveries...

As most of you know I'm a Golden Girl.

However, this week I worked with a few new things worth sharing.

Sennelier Paynes Gray Acrylic is a beautiful color with a strong blue hue.

Although this color can be made by mixing, I like the ease of using a large tube that is highly pigmented and very mixable.

I am very particular about varnish. I only use Golden Spray Varnish. However this contender by Cobra was a great choice as well. The pad actuator provided a full mist and had the same soft subtle gloss finish that I love about Golden. Several art products have been in short supply so a few new choices help.

Please stay safe and well, and remember BREATHE!

Kindly, Theresa

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Karole Nicholson
Karole Nicholson
Aug 26, 2021

"No strings attached" is a gem, love the moment it describes, it gives such a feeling of peace. Thanks for the product features too, always good to hear about new, good stuff!

Replying to

Thank you Karole… are always so kind. I love your new work

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