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Fall is for reading

I recently found time to pick up a few books that I had previously purchased.

One of them was a retrospective of Willem DeKooning.

He has an interesting life story, but I tried to focus on the intent of his work and his tools and materials.

I was especially drawn to the painting "Easter Monday."

I was attracted to the somewhat figurative and abstract elements.

I have been working a lot on paper and employing charcoal with additional mark makers. WDK seems to have a great command of these elements. I decided to engage the diverse and powerful marks in a back and forth dialogue. I will continue to strive for a bolder look in my current work always searching.

Please remain open to new ideas and honor your valid discoveries.


Easter Monday

Willem DeKooning

"morning coffee"

30 x 22

Theresa Girard


Often times I set the charcoal and other times I let it bleed. I like both of these fixatives

The Dahler Rowney is my fav, ENJOY!

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