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All work has dignity

During my first lunch at a private club a colleague asked why I left a tip. "its included, she said"

I responded, "All work has dignity." I had food, shelter and a good education because of my waitress and machinist parents. It seems fitting that on this Labor Day I salute a little known part of my practice.

My husband Paul is a master builder and woodworker. He makes many of my stretchers and frames. He recently created some simple braces to hold my canvas on the wall. They secure the painting and can be made in many sizes. I love the stability they provide.

This is a difficult time for all business. Support them, shop local as much as possible. Recognize the work of all people as valid, and acknowledge their achievements.

But above all, take pride in the work that you do.

It has great dignity.


Recently sold

"the shape of things to come"

46 x 44

Happy Labor Day!

Blessings, Theresa

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