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A whole lot of shakin going on!

What a busy season of painting and workshops! The recent Absolutely Advanced Abstract Workshop was filled with great students and great work!

Beautiful recent painting by workshop artist Helen F.

The following are the upcoming workshops for 2019 & 2020

The Providence Arty Club

2-day Drawing for the Non-Objective Artist

June 10 & 11

contact Angel at 401.331.1114 to reserve your space

3-day Intuitive Drawing & Painting

July 16-18

contact Angel at 401.331.1114 to reserve your space

Center for the Art Bonita Springs

3-day Intuitive Drawing & Painting

November 4-6

Sign up begins April 1st 2019

2-day Drawing for the Non-objective Artist

January 10 & 11

Sign up begins April 1st 2019

3-day Absolutely Advanced Abstract Painting

(PREREQUISITE Intuitive drawing and painting)

February 17-19

Sign up begins April 1st 2019


There is still time to view the abstract show at Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples Florida I'd love to hear your feedback!

I want to thank everyone for their support and confidence through this journey.

I appreciate the time you take to help and encourage me. I never take it for granted.

Painting provides an outlet for me to overcome many obstacles in my life.

This introspection has a lasting impact on my heart and soul.

I am grateful...



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Everything looks so fresh! Thank you, Theresa, for the gift of beauty!

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