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YOU decide when its finished

A friend recently asked me to come to her house and give her ideas for hanging paintings.

She had some good, but dated work with some very baroque frames that were beautiful and expensive.

I suggested that she replace the work with contemporary pieces and put it in the amazing frames.

The mix of the 2 styles worked in her home and she liked the idea.

The first painting I did from afar with a vague memory of her living area. I also felt a little self inflicted pressure. When I delivered the piece it just didn't work. She has already paid for the painting and was happy with it. However, I was not...

I could have let it go but my respect for the work would not let me.

The very act of creating our work is a personal thing; It's yours and yours alone (even when it goes to a good home) I insisted on taking the piece back and making the painting better and more workable with the environment. I feel better for making a decision to admit and define.

We are both happy now.

"morning confession" 20 x 24

I'm looking forward to meeting so many of you at our upcoming workshops.

Enjoy this lovely fall season, a great time for reflection and work.

Creatively Yours,


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1 Comment

Brenda Belfield
Brenda Belfield
Oct 02, 2019

I really like “Morning Confession” and can appreciate the challenge of the antique frame!! When do you return to Fl? Brenda

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