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What about color?

"in full bloom" 44 x 46

Several of you have asked what brand of color I use.

Painting tools are very personal, your choices may depend on what you are planning to create. I tend to like heavier paint, perhaps because I started in oil and like the viscosity.

I'm happy to share my favorites and a few others with you.

I use a lot of white. My favorite white is Utrecht Professional Gesso.

It is beefy and provides great opaque coverage.

(I absolutely love Old Holland acrylic paint. It is a beautiful pigmented paint. I only use a few colors as it is quite expensive and I find it has a shelf life.)

My go to paint "hands down" is Golden Paint. It is high load, great texture and the color is so stable and mixable. I'm able to interchange all colors and interact with Golden fluid acrylics and the high flow type.

I have also used the Golden Open in moderation. An additional advantage is that their R & D department is terrific and communicates professionally and on time. A big plus for me is that their factory is in the USA!

A great low cost paint is Lukas. I use it for backgrounds andit has a pretty good consistency.

The colors are slightly off for me but for students and those with a budget to consider I can recommend this product.

Lately I have been working with some Nova colors. It has a looser consistency but also goes a long way for the dollar. The colors are very opaque and it does crust up around the lid, a slight smell comes with this paint. I will say that the folks at the factory are very nice and helpful.

A few runner ups would be:

Sennelier Amsterdam Liquitex Pebeo (but I dont use much)

Former Watercolorists will like Holbein although at that price its too loose so not right for me.

Folks ask about house paint, I have used it but do not recommend. I believe I have tried all brands on the market. This critique is driven by my experience, so all I can say is use good paint, it makes a difference!


This is a very tough time for all creatives. Yesterday, I was pulling myself back from a frozen stress.

I went outside and saw this courageous Hibiscus .It was struggling to defend its beauty with the cool weather setting in. It stood proud, confident, and gave me the strength I needed to fill my enpty cup.

I called on this beauty to be a tribute to all women this week.

Sending good and peaceful OHMS!


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1 Comment

Sep 27, 2020

you are always a fluent, lovely speaker and writer. This one however, was by far the best yet. Good information and great touching thoughts about what we are all feeling and experienceing .Thank you and stay safe.

Toni 💝

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