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Letting it flow naturally

My approach to non objective art evolved organically. I moved from realism looking for a broader expression, and more of a challenge through digging deep. All of the things I learned early on still apply in a significant way to the work I do now. Understanding foundations plays a big role to successful work.

Doing good and meaningful work requires much awareness. However if you focus on the "outcome" you are working for a reason other than your true self. Concentrating in this way steals your risk, and you are unable to let it flow naturally.

It matters not how many likes you get, what people think, or positive feedback. The work needs to have a solid presence in your mindset. Create good work with passion, and it will flow naturally.


This is a painting that really flowed out of me. It doesn't happen often, but all of the stars were aligned. I remained present with no preconceived ideas. I love when this happens, it feels like a gift from the universe. I would live with this painting forever.

"when a moment becomes a memory" 60 x 60

(available at Gardner Colby Gallery Naples, Florida)


Sending many blessings for you to let it flow naturally!!

Theresa 👩🏻‍🦰😷😍

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