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Letting go...

I just finished a workshop at the Providence Art Club. It was very strange teaching with a mask and related hesitations. I found it difficult to lecture and agreed with my students that I would do so from a safe distance. We went through our challenges, lessons, and drills as we moved into the non-objective.

(PAC does an excellent job of protecting members and staff)

One thing that was very present in the room was JOY!

It’s not something I have seen in a while. It certainly was heartwarming for a group of 12 to once again share, laugh, and work.

I also became the student taking 3 on line courses. My instructors deserve much credit for putting together such amazing programs. The planning involved is certainly demanding.

Through these classes, I let go of the need to consider an outcome. That mentality is an illusion, which reminded me to remove those things that weigh me down as an artist.

This was my way of becoming transparent in these uncertain times.

Many of you who have asked if I will be delivering instruction on line.

Some new ideas will emerge soon as we see how quickly our country heals.

I thought I’d share some comments from students.

“Good simple direction progressed to more involved processes with each day. I carried away real techniques to apply to my own work.” -Paula M student/artist

“Theresa’s demonstrations and power point presentations helped to concretize the concepts that she taught. The class was stimulating and challenging.” -Wayne F. student/artist

"Generous, prepared and so respectful to all students. Incredibly well designed with information, shared in intervals, and hands on practice, perfect. -Karole N. student/artist


Upcoming events!

-Hey 19! Jessica Hagen Fine Art Newport, RI

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment Aug 2nd - Sept 4th

-Isolation Creations The Providence Art Club Aug 3rd- 21st

-Sail into Summer Louisa Gould Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA, through August

-Summer Art on View Gardner Colby Gallery Naples, Florida

It’s always an honor to be cited by an admired colleague.

“Theresa's work has structure and balance and in person you feel the presence of a vibration, they almost glow. Her work never looks contrived, the artist has made it look easy,

but we know better!” -Mary Dondero

grateful Mary


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3 commentaires

Karole Nicholson
Karole Nicholson
16 juil. 2020

Hi Geraldine, it was a 3 day workshop titled Intuitive Drawing and Painting with Theresa Girard.


I enjoyed reading your post very much. When you say that, you had let go of the need to consider an outcome...... I would love to know which workshop helped to make that realization.


Karole Nicholson
Karole Nicholson
14 juil. 2020

I am still filled with energy, enthusiasm and joy from the workshop, expecting it to last and last ... have my notes and handouts to "remind me". Thank you Theresa for all and everything ...

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