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Fall Back

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Another successful workshop with Theresa

The hardest battle is between what you know in your head, and what you feel in your heart...

Fall is a great time for reflection, cool days, and hopefully lots of studio time.

We just finished up a great workshop in Bonita Springs. So many wonderful students!

Learning to let go of the painting we planned, and allow the one not present to emerge is difficult and rewarding. Check out my facebook page and instagram for some of the completed student paintings.

"You are a gifted and spirit lifting teacher, I am forever changed....Pat Forbes, workshop attendee.

"You have launched me!" Thank you, Bonni Novak.



Join me for a "show of abstractions"

featuring many new pieces from my "defined and obscured" series

February 13th

Gardner Colby Gallery

Broad Avenue

Naples, Florida

"from a distance" 36 x 36

Enjoy the new formatted website!

As we move into the holiday season i wish you peace and wonder...

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1 Kommentar

Earlier today I typed up the notes I took in our fabulous workshop and your first sentence above was the first thing I typed! So true. That launch pad will be crowded because you launched me, too!

Gefällt mir
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