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Developing a palette

I am often asked the question, "why don't you set up a palette when you begin a painting?"

There are actually several answers to this question.

First of all, I may just pick a color that I have been wanting to work with and learn about.

Often it is a jar or tube that im looking to move on to "cull the herd" 😊

I will usually grey down the color in several ways and go from there.

I am motivated by the variety of colors I can develop.

To do this, I use compliments, grays, buff, or perhaps a light color that I bought unnecessarily.

Secondly, I really enjoy working in a "paint in paint" fashion on a large palette, continually working into that mother color.(or even alla prima on the canvas) Always curious to see where it will go, I dont leave any visible canvas.

I may see something in nature, an event, or publication, and I'm drawn to work with that palette.

When this happens, I can make a suggested palette using it as my muse. (although not necessarily staying with it) Feel free to do this if you need to develop a formal palette.


I begin by filling the canvas in a "non-thinking way"

Gradually I start to deconstruct the image.

The push and pull begins and I take time to observe. Each mark dictates the next.

This is a longer process where composition eventually invades, along with many foundation observations.

It ends eventually with time and hard work.The result always surprises me as well.

Color is exciting, Just Keep Working! IT WILL HAPPEN WITH PRACTICE.


Upcoming events:

"Dreamland" A pop up solo show at Jessica Hagen Fine Art Newport RI 9/7 - 9/12



Wishing you all the best for a wonderful summer season! Enjoy every minute!



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