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BIG NEWS! Back to Basics!

2 new workshops have been added for winter 2021!

The center takes the utmost care to remain safe and covid free.

They follow all guidelines and requirements of the CDC.

To guarantee our health, limited space is available for both classes and masks are required.

January 11-12

Intuitive Drawing & Painting Level 1

Level: All w/experience

Medium: Acrylics & drawing media

Description: Using intuition, explore contemporary drawing and painting. Combine physical and contemplative methods in your artwork. Engage the “process” of the painting in the “present” rather than concentrating on the end result. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of spatial structure; arrangement and organization of forms; and the impact of color and rhythm needed to make a work of art complete.

Students will be exposed to a variety of approaches applying abstract techniques and sensibilities to the classic art of painting and work to develop a unique voice. Topics include: acrylic media, color, composition, value, tools and paint application.

Intuitive Advanced Abstract Painting Level 2 Jan 14-15

Level: Int/Adv

Prerequisite: Intuitive drawing and painting or approval of the artist

Medium: Acrylics

Description: Expanding on Theresa’s previous intuitive class, students and more advanced artists in the non-objective will find rewarding new breakthroughs and challenges. As well as the study of line, shape, color and good composition, students will pursue a more individual approach to hone their skills with a personal plan to begin a body of new work. This will allow expansion of an idea beyond the single attempt and create a collaborative dialogue. Working independently will be encouraged.

Students should be fluid in color mixing and composition. Intermediate/Advanced students only with the ability to create an ongoing body of work on your own.

Prerequisite: Intuitive drawing and painting 1 or approval from the artist.

Please contact the center for registration prices and information beginning November 11th


New Work

"pappardelle" 46 x 44

Recently Sold

"hidden inside" 1 & 2 30 x 40 /30 x 80

Send with good wishes for your safety and wellness!

Thank you for all of your support!

And remember ART HEALS!!!!!

Sincerely with good ohms,


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Center for the arts Bonita springs. They will post them soon 239.495.8889 Thanks!


Brittany Hoeft
Brittany Hoeft
Nov 09, 2020

How can I sign up for both workshops? I don’t see a link in the blog or on your website.



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