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A reopening...

My Christmas cactus is ready to burst! I salvaged it from last year and nurtured it back to health.

My efforts were not in vain and it gave me many beautiful buds to watch grow and thrive.

This is a good description of teaching workshops and painting in my studio.

Both take time an attention.

It's impossible to work at 100% every day and our culture pushes us to do so.

Living by THE 4 AGREEMENTS has helped me tremendously. #4 Always do your best...and your best varies from day to day. Allow time to nurture yourself first. Stay close to what is serving you and let the rest go.

In the new year I'll be taking time to reflect on my own work and really dig deep into many of the ideas that stimulate me and have now arrived at the front burner.

A few things are planned.

*A trip to The Baltimore Museum of Art for the Joan Mitchell retrospective

*A residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art in MA

*A trip to the Azores

*lots of studio time

*paying it forward

*And a few more surprises...

"I know it in my heart"

48 x 48

I am so grateful for your support and encouraging words throughout the year.

I do what I do because I love what I do.

And having you along for the journey has been my blessing.

I wish you a reopening of your own, and of course good health in 2020

Peace & love,


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Not only are you a talented artist but also an inspirational writer. Your message is beautiful. All the best to you and your exciting plans for 2020. It has been a privilege being a part of the journey as one of your students


Karole Nicholson
Karole Nicholson
Jan 01, 2020

Thank you for these reminders, the best to you. Karole


Brenda Belfield
Brenda Belfield
Dec 31, 2019

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful paintings...Brenda

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