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So many things are an illusion

It has taken me a long time to compile this latest blog. It was born out of the kind "check ins" I have received from many colleagues and students. Thank you so much for that.

I really didn't want to do an "art in the time of Covid" page. Yet, we always wish we had more time to create. Was it an illusion?

Instead, I thought I would share my observations in hopes you can relate.

In the beginning of this threat, I was elated to be painting non stop without so many distractions.

I accomplished some good and just OK work. After a week, the dreaded arthritis kicked in and I needed a break. I switched to smaller work, collage, paper, and reading for a bit.

Going inward, I wondered what the ego was trying to tell me. I opted for quiet thought.

I vacillated between being very grateful for everything, to doom and gloom. (I suppose both are relevant right now) I decided to turn to music. I picked some tunes from Janis Joplin,Santana, and Steely Dan to name a few. It brought me back to a place where I remember being so resilient. (a good friend reminded me of this) Acceptance let the young, inquisitive, and brave part of me to come forward.

I don't know where we all go from here, but I suggest digging for that resilient YOU!

You are the one thing that is not an illusion.

I'll let you know where it goes, if anywhere.

Be safe,


PS I love your comments and thoughts, Keep em coming!

Going back old school .....Here we go!!!!!


As of now, the June "Absolutely Advanced" workshop at The Providence Art Club is still scheduled.

I will keep you updated through this blog.

I'll be teaching a juried staycation residency


November 11-13 at The Center for the Arts Bonita Springs.

10-12 Students only. Applications begin April 1st.

Check their web site for more information on that date.

Hopefully by then we will be in better shape.



If you are working on something and looking for a crit, feel free send me 1 photo through email

I will send you back a crit with mock ups if needed.

Make sure you are prepared to embrace the feedback, as many of us are sensitive right now.

And remember, opinion can be an illusion as well, just helping us to move forward.

"Art is an illusion with deep thought"

Theresa Girard

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Terry Lee Cafferty
Terry Lee Cafferty
Mar 25, 2020

Hello Dear Theresa! So great to see you in my mailbox this morning. You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for having the courage to write and share. I think we're all struggling with a multitude of emotions that are running amok with our thoughts. I, too, go from being frozen in time to ultra productive. I'm currently, bravely launching a greeting card line and Art Store Front to pivot my creativity and maybe remind us all of the connection we crave while sharing a way to put more love and art into the world. Our souls are crying for it. So, this "down" time is being well spent with my boys, (unless they're driving me n…


Luba Drahosz
Luba Drahosz
Mar 25, 2020

Love the statement about ‘art being and illusion with deep thought’ wonderful, thanks.


Thanks Theresa, really enjoyed reading your post today. Like you, I go from feeling great to have the time to spend in my studio without distraction to feeling totally frozen by everything going on. Trying to be brave. How do I become a member of your tribe. Really love the idea of the critique. Thanks, Geraldine

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