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Learning from doing

"weathering the storm" 48 x 48

I recently painted this 48 x 48. I completed the painting and it was very "acceptable." After taking the time to look for a few days I just felt it in my soul that it was too predictable. This conversation with myself was about risk, it lacked risk. Our greatest asset as a painter is our passion. If a painting leaves you flat, even if it is acceptable, you owe it to yourself to push forward. This is one thing that I can attribute to my time with Bernd Haussman. I didn't realize it at the time, but this is exactly what he was trying to imbue.

I struggle trying to relay the experience of "weathering the storm" with my students. I guess the best advice is pursue the risk, let the painting go, and don't settle.

Here is a photo of the predictable painting.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject....Stay curious!


I am grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving

My family and friends, my health, and life, and the gift I have been given.

I am very grateful for my students and all who have supported my work over the years.

In thanks, and to continue to pay it forward, I am donating a fully paid fee to a workshop with Kevin Gilmore in April at The Center for the Arts Bonita Springs. If you would like to attend, and need this financial assistance, please contact me through email.

I'd like to thank the terrific folks who manage these fabulous galleries and work so hard to allow my artwork to reach so many homes.Please visit these fine businesses.

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, Florida

Louisa Gould Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, RI

Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

Mac Galleries, Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida

In Addition:

The Providence Art Club

The Center for the Arts Bonita Springs

The Jamestown Arts Center

Staying in the moment,


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Sep 06, 2021

Greeat post thankyou


Nov 19, 2018

Hi Theresa, I really dont know what to comment.Your paintings are expressions of your voice and are beautiful. I can only speak to myself, forever trying to find my genuine voice is a real struggle.cant expect change without changing,guess thats why Im all over the place. Your such a successful ARTIST maybe you dont need to question yourself!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Hugs to you both.

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