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After painting a series in a certain selections of palettes, I have a strong desire to break out!

Experimentation begins, and I challenge myself to create certain shapes, compositions, and new palettes.

When this happens, and I am satisfied, I start the organic change. I call this a "crossover piece" its a bit of me only new. The work below is such a piece. "fantasy landscape." It has my mind working overtime and allows me to self inflict long work days of play and discovery. Who knows, let's see where it leads in the next few months. I think I have a lot more to say, and hopefully will create deep thought and strong investigation.

It can be very tempting to be satisfied with what's easy, don't fall for it! MOVE FORWARD!

Give it a try! New palette, new size, new work, new you!



I have experienced so many wonderful students and colleagues who accomplish some great work.

I’ll be showcasing many of them on “emerging artist Monday’s” to spread a positive vibe on social platforms.....something we could all use.

There is no order to my choices, just artists who engage me and continue to inspire.


Thank you to everyone for your wonderful cards filled with love for my brother John. He calls me every day to tell me how many birthday cards he's received. This could go on for weeks!

It is my joy to see him happy, and I am humbled that you think of me this way. He's actually getting to know many of you.

Put your hand on your heart, feel that? It's your love and kindness, thank you.

Blessings, Theresa

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