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Challenging times...

"challenging times"

This season has been full of challenges for me.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when lots of things are going on.

Emotions are sometimes difficult to manage and we artists can become completely emerged in our thoughts.

Folks ask me why I am so enamored with rocks.

For me, rocks have a soothing effect. They have a history of so many stories that can’t be told. One must listen and be open to the tales they hide.

Not unlike the artist, they bring differences, are often uncontrollable, and have a sense of helplessness, yet at the same time, are strong.

I keep one with me at all times to understand that I am connected with the whole of humanity and this wonderful earth. It keeps me grounded during these challenging times.

Wishing you peace...


I have been asked why my workshops are always full.

Well its certainly a good problem to have! I'd like to think its because there are fundamentals and foundations to all art. I believe in the importance of these things as it relates to non-objective painting.

It is not just a "do whatever" class. My programs are a learning and coaching experience, I put a great deal of preparation into each class and give 200% of my energy to growing my students.

I encourage everyone to apply on the wait list because things change all the time.

It is important for most organizations to plan ahead at least one year to insure a full, professional and comprehensive schedule. I believe my programs and my paintings are reasonably priced for the quality of the work and devotion to the process. This also allow me to continue my mission to pay it forward.

Lets see what others have to say;

"Thank you do much for everything! It could not have been a better experience, I could go on and on!"

Alicia P

"Thank you for all of your encouragement, when I am in the studio you are with me and I hear all of your good messages and teachings."

Tom L

"Thank you T for all your words of wisdom., vision, spontaneity, and passion. It was truly inspirational."

Lorraine B.

"What a fruitful 3 days! Thank you for creating such an adventurous, thought provoking environment.

W. D.

I am truly humbled by all of the kinds words, cards, and notes I receive, they keep me solid...

Your comments are always welcome!

In peace,


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Aug 26, 2019

Hi T,

Guess Im not alone, have had the depressing year ever that took me to Butler. Working hard to get put back together like Humpty Dumpty.Cant stand having emotions out of my control.Your brother looks happy, Stay happy ,healthy and continue sharing the knowledge you have stored over the years.

Warm Regards



Dawn Drayton
Dawn Drayton
Aug 26, 2019

Can’t wait to take your course at The Centre for the Arts in Bonita this fall.

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