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A few more things of note!

There are many programs currently available on line.

These are 2 that I have taken and can recommend.

Kevin's on line program is affordable and is serious stuff without the fluff.

Challenges inspire to create projects that directly effect your current work.

An organized and concise program in a safe professional and respectful format!



If your desire is a meditative and thought provoking program, and are seeking a conceptual approach to your work, then I recommend Bernd Haussman


I support all artists who are seeking to inspire and will continue to pay it forward.

If any artist is in need please contact me personally to apply for a scholarship to online programming.

In addition, I also offer my services for 1 free crit to any artist who is looking for a professional objective opinion. Email to I will reply in a few days with a mock up and comments.

Be sure that you are comfortable with critique, and remember YOU are the artist.

"no one ever became poor by giving" ~Anne Frank




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1 Comment

Brenda Belfield
Brenda Belfield
May 01, 2020

thanks for these workshop ideas. Ive decided to use this time to push my art into unknown territory. And

it's best to do this in private!! My idea for my workshop was to "go beyond" a comfort level. It's a good

challenge for me now. I always enjoy seeing your work...and I hope you stay safe and well. Brenda

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